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Praktica BXED-system 2nd
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Praktica BXEDH - part of BX20s-ED (H-V)-system - with self timer
Producer data
Producer Jos. Schneider GmbH responsible constructor unknown
production period 1996/1997 no of produced cameras approx. 150 systems
Technical properties of the camera
shutter type steplessly working electronically controlled vertical-run two-magnet metal-blade focal plane shutter exposure time
(possible settings)
view finder modified fixed eye-level view finder (Pentaprism, field of view: 95%) with field lens with triple rangefinder wedge, truncated microprism screen, ground glass field, 16 multicolored LEDs for shutter speed signaling (right side of the view-finder image) changes their brightness with brightness of the image, on the left side one LED for flash ready signal, "cocked/no cocked" signal (orange color of the aperture setting reflection window)

limited field for reduced negative size

mirror instant-return mirror
film transport / frame counter single stroke 125° wind-on quick-release lever with 25° stand off position, accepts BX-motor winder, folding crank rewind knob, auto-zeroing frame counter lens mount Praktica-B-mount with EDC (electronic diaphragm control)
self timer with mechanically, approx. 10 sec delay, serves also as stop-down lever for depth-of-field checking battery works only using special power supply unit
metering system unknown - optically identical with standard BX 20S

(TTL-metering (25 to 5000 ASA for automatic film speed entry via DX cartridges, 25 to 400ASA for manual film speed entry) using electronic diaphragm control (EDC) for measurement with open aperture using a Silicon photo-sensor, auto exposure compensation, TTL-flash system (!), automatic exposure system with memory key, battery check facilities)

flash system X-synchronization (1/100), accessory shoe at the top of the pentaprism
flash indication yes aperture reflection into view finder yes
general comments
bulletpart of special system for police records department with a negative size of 18x24 mm for Bertillon photography for mug shots
bulletsystems consists of two cameras:
bulletBXEDH - that means ED=police records department (Erkennunsdienst) and H=half format (Halbformat) with 24x18mm negative format
bulletBXEDV - that means ED=police records department (Erkennunsdienst) and V=full format (Vollformat) with 24x36mm negative format
bulletboth cameras were integrated in the LIBAS (Lichtbildaufnahmesystem=slide photography system) developed from Dunco inc. and criminal investigation departement as well Jos. Schneider inc, Feinwerktechnik Dresden
collection data
Hummel-No 245* Kadlubek-No. KWE 4041
body no. BXEDH 4516067
BXEDV 4516098
lens no. BXEDH 1016337
BXEDV 1016746
lens type Pentacon Prakticar 4,0-5,6/35-80 MC purchase price 950€



under construction


BXEDH pictures BXEDV picture






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