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Praktiflex 2nd Generation
Praktiflex 1st Generation Praktiflex 2nd Generation


Praktiflex -2nd gen-13th model
Praktiflex -2nd gen-13th model+flash
Praktiflex -2nd gen-14th model
Praktiflex -2nd gen-15th model
Praktiflex-2nd gen-15th model-display item
Praktiflex -2nd gen-15th model brown
Praktiflex -2nd gen-15th model flash
Praktiflex -2nd gen-1st change-16th model
Praktiflex -2nd gen-1st chan-16th mod 24x28

Praktiflex Single-lens reflex cameras - 2.Generation

Production period: September 1947 to September 1949

Number of Models: 2

Number of produced items: 25.816

responsible constructor: Siegfried Böhm


The two models from the 2nd generation demonstrate the following technical parameters:

bulletchanged engraved signature
bulletsmaller film transport knob (diameter approx. 25mm)
bulletsmaller rewind knob (diameter approx. 16mm)
bulletrewind button at the top of the camera
bulletchanged back cover fixation
bulletlens mount M 40x1 or M 42x1


bulletmodels of the first generation were produced on the basis of an order of the soviet military administration in Germany as "Export" for war reparation
bulletthe characteristic feature is the release knob at the front of the camera body
bulletstart of production was September 1947, which results in an overlapping of production periods of the first and second generation
bulletduring this generation the lens mount was changed from M 40x1 to M42x1; the result of this modification was the usability of lenses which luminous intensity
bulletin September 1949 the Praktiflex were supersede by the Praktica
Hummel-No camera-name
079 Praktiflex
080 Praktiflex - 1st variation



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