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Praktiflex SLR
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Praktiflex 1st Generation
Praktiflex 2nd Generation

Praktiflex Single-lens reflex cameras

Production period: March 1939 to September 1949

Number of Models: 9, including 1 prototype 

Number of produced items: 59,716

responsible constructor: Alois Hoheisel, Siegfried Böhm (from 7/1946)

Praktiflex was the first small-format single lens reflex camera which using kine-film (35mm) and an instant return mirror (Hummel 1994). The price was only 120.-RM which was acceptable for a amateur camera.

The Production of the Praktiflex can be distinguished into two generations with different technical properties:

bulletPraktiflex - 1. generation:    33,900 items
bulletPraktiflex - 2. generation:    25,816 items

The models from the 1st generation demonstrate these technical properties:

bulletshutter release knob on the top of the camera
bulletlens mount M 40x1
bulletinitially the camera name was engraved using gothic letters, later using graceful letters
bulletit were produced some types with special coloured leatherette (red, blue, gray,...)
bulletin 1940 the camera receive a strap holder
bulletthe form of the shutter speed knob were changed
bulletstarting at the spring fair 1941 the Praktiflex II were demonstrated which has a modified shutter speed series from 1s to 1/1000s, a flash synchronisation integrated in the tripod bush
bulletdepending on the world war II with a decrease of production capacities the Praktiflex II were not going to serial production, so we can found only the prototype of the Praktiflex II
bulletthe last model were produced from February 1946 to April 1948 only as reparation production for the USSR

The two models from the 2nd generation demonstrate the following technical parameters:

bulletchanged engraved signature
bulletsmaller film transport knob (diameter approx. 25mm)
bulletsmaller rewind knob (diameter approx. 16mm)
bulletrewind button at the top of the camera
bulletchanged back cover fixation
bulletlens mount M 40x1 or M 42x1



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