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Praktica L - 1st generation
Praktica L - 1st generation Praktica L - 2nd generation Praktica L - 3rd generation Praktica L - 4th generation


Praktica L Pentacon small tower
Praktica L small shutter release
Praktica L Pentacon tower
Hanimex Praktica L
Hanimex Pro L
Praktica L
Praktica L self timer
Praktica L black
Praktica L Endoskopie
Praktica autoreflex S
Praktica LLC
Praktica LLC black
Praktica autoreflex S-TL
Praktica LTL
SLR 2 JC Penney
Praktica LTL black
Praktica Pentor2 LTL
Hanimex Praktica LTL
Hanimex Praktica LTL, tower
Hanimex Praktica LTL, tower, modified
Porst CX6
Praktica LB
Hanimex Praktica LB
SLR 1 JC Penney
Porst reflex CX 4
Praktica autoreflex SL
REVUEflex reflex BL
Praktica VLC Motor - SR899 - GSK
Praktica LTL 2
Praktica 1000
Praktica TL
Praktica super TL 2

Praktica L - first generation

Production period: December 1969 to October 1978

Number of Models: 20, including 3 prototypes 

Number of produced items: 1,110,357

responsible constructor: Rolf Noack

The degree of standardisation of this series dither in dependence of the final model  between 70 and 90%.

The cameras were characterized by the following features:

bulletvertically-moving metal blade
bulletchromium plated plastic and metal parts for the casing
bulletabsolute new developed open aperture exposure metering using the an in the lens implemented resistor to simulate the effect of the aperture whereas the photographer looks at the open aperture (electronic aperture simulation)

The first generation enclose five basic models:

  1. Praktica L:        basic model without exposure meter
  2. Praktica LLC:    top model using electronic aperture simulation
  3. Praktica LTL:    model using TTL-metering using stopped-down procedure
  4. Praktica LB:      camera with an uncoupled integrated exposure meter
  5. Praktica VLC:    camera like LLC but with interchangeable view finders

During this time some modification of this models were made for export by order of different chains of retail shops, for example for Porst, Hanimex, ...

Beneath of this modification some in-plant modification were established, for example the LTL 2, super TL2 or LB-o.

The LTL 2 use two LED-elements as an light-scale, The Praktica super TL 2 demonstrates a shorter shutter speed interval between 1s and  1/500, no self timer  and some small detail changes. The Praktica LB-o was a camera with an optically released grey-wedge for the metering.

The Praktica L magic-cube was a prototype who fail because of the lacking production of flashcubes in the domestic market. The Praktica VLC motor were only developed for the use of the state secret service.

The typical attributes of the Praktica L:

bulletnew design of the camera body
bulletmetal blade shutter with geometrically divided speed array between 1s and 1/1000 and B
bullettransversely adjustment of the shutter release mechanism at the front of the camera
bulletPentaprism using a Fresnel lens with microprism range finder and additionally circular ground glass circlet
bulletshutter tensioning indicator
bulletscrew mount M42x1
bulletinternal automatic aperture release
bulletX-synchronisation using 1/125s synchronisation time
bullethot shoe (accessory shoe)
bulletquick-release lever for film transport and shutter tensioning
bulletPentacon Loading-System
bulletfoldable rewind-crank
bulletrewind lock
bulletauto-zeroing frame counter
bulletinstant return mirror
bulletfixed camera back
bulletlight metal-camera body with black leatherette

Beside the typical style of the cameras:
Praktica cameras with black finish were regularly produced:

bulletPraktica L, LLC, LTL, LB, VLC and LTL 2

Production without self timer:

bulletPraktica LTL and LTL 2

Production with self timer:

bulletPraktica L and LB


Hummel-No camera-name
169 Praktica L
170 Praktica L magic-cube (prototype)
171 Porst reflex CX 3
172 Praktica autoreflex S
173 Praktica LLC
174 Porst reflex CX 8 (prototype)
175 Praktica LTL
176 Porst reflex CX 6
177 Praktica autoreflex S-TL
178 Revueflex TL
179 Praktica LB
180 Praktica LB o
181 Porst reflex CX 4
182 Praktica autoreflex SL
183 Revueflex BL
184 Praktica VLC
185 Praktica VLC motor (prototype)
186 Praktica LTL 2
187 Praktica TL
188 Praktica sper TL 2




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