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Praktica L-Line
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Praktica L - 1st generation
Praktica L - 2nd generation
Praktica L - 3rd generation
Praktica L - 4th generation

Praktica L-line

Production period: December 1969 to December 1989

Number of Models: 49, including 6 prototypes

Number of produced items: 4,836,879

responsible constructor: Rolf Noack

Since 1969 the new Praktica-generation were introduced into the market. These cameras were adapted to the typical properties of the world market.

The design of this camera type demonstrates a high degree of standardisation of the basic model which permit an economical fabrication of the different final models with their special features. Each 30 sec a camera were finished at the assembly lines of Pentacon Dresden.

During the next years altogether four Praktica L-generations were presented which were characterized by several changes in the details of the cameras. The quantity of completed cameras growth enormously:

bulletPraktica L-line - 1st generation:
bulletPraktica L-line - 2nd generation:
bulletPraktica L-line - 3ed generation:
bulletPraktica L-line - 4ed generation:

The "L" in the name of these cameras indicate the shutter of these cameras as a vertically-moving metal-blade focal plane shutter.

Independent from the diversity of the L-line, the cameras using the TTL-metering designed to read at full aperture, growing to the best-seller of all generations. More than 3 million of these cameras were produced.

Although, the stop of the production of M42x1 screw mount cameras was planned, the production must be continued to supply the demand. Until December 1989 the last screw mount Praktica were produced. An era of 40 years was now closed.

During the production of the L-lines some modification were used to modify the configuration and finish of the cameras. The exact number of these modifications were not documented:

bulletInstead of the typical finish with chromium plated top cover and bottom some cameras were produced using black varnishing of these parts
bulletthe outfit of the camera could be supplemented by a self timer or the self timer could be removed




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