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Praktica L - 3rd generation
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Praktica super TL 3
Praktica MTL 3
Praktica MTL 3 cut model
Praktica PLC3
Praktica PLC3 noname
Praktica VLC 3
Praktica EE3
Praktica DTL 3

Praktica L - third generation

Production period: March 1978 to February 1984

Number of Models: 8 

Number of produced items: 1,191,642

responsible constructor: Rolf Noack

The third generation of Praktica L showed also no fundamental changes, but some detail changes were introduced in this generation:

bulletbrighter and larger view-finder image with a new Fresnel lens with a combination of a microprism and split image range-finder
bullethot shoe and additional coaxial flash socket on the camera body at the basis of the lens mount with two fully galvanically isolated circuits, which permit the use of two flash systems (dual flash)
bulleta redesigned shutter, which is even quieter and vibration-free  
bulletadditional (+/-)-symbols in the view finder for signalling under- or over exposition
bulletnew non-slip camera cover of elastic surface

All fast-seller from the 2nd generation were redesigned for the third generation. The Praktica LB-production was stopped.

The improved LTL 3, which would be named consequently LTL 4, were renamed as MTL 3. This camera was the best-seller of the 3rd generation and has rate of 70% of all produced L-Praktica's of the 3rd generation.

For the retail shops of Quelle (West Germany) 2 different models were designed.

The following modifications of the basic types were produced:

Cameras with black finish of the metal components of the cover:

bulletsuper TL 3, MTL 3, PLC 3, VLC 3 and DTL 3

Production without self timer:

bulletMTL 3


Hummel-No camera-name
199 Praktica super TL 3
200 Praktica MTL 3
201 Revueflex TL I
202 Revueflex TL 25
203 Praktica PLC 3
204 Praktica VLC 3
205 Praktica EE 3
206 Praktica DTL 3




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