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Changes in the Web

04-10-2010 FOTICON MTL3, Praktica noname, Praktica BCX
04-09-2010 Praktica nova non name 1st modification, Hanimex Pro L
04-08-2010 astra-35 -FX-
01-09-2010 Jenaflex AM-1 golden CZ logo 1st version, Jenaflex AM-1 golden CZ logo 2nd version
01-05-2010 Praktica B200 Cattaneo, Praktica B200 PI silver
01-04-2010 Praktica RTL ASTRO/MICRO CONVERTIBLE, Praktica MTL3, Praktica MTL5
01-03-2010 CAVALIER SLR-III, SLR 2 JC Penney, SLR 1 JC Penney, Praktica 1000
01-02-2010 Hanimex Praktica nova I, Hanimex Praktica L
12-27-2009 Praktiflex 1st generation 5th model with thick gravure, Praktiflex 1st generation 6th version gray-black with hot shoe, Praktiflex 1st generation 8th version, Praktiflex 1st generation 12th version black type label, Praktiflex 2nd generation 13th version with flash adapter, Praktiflex 2nd generation 16th version with negative format 24x28mm, RIVAL 35 MX REFLEX relabeld Praktica 2nd variation, astra - 35 -FX-, Texographie T2, RIVAL 35 MX REFLEX relabeled Praktica FX, Praktica relabeld Praktica FX, M-X
03-08-2009 Praktica FX2 1st var no name, Praktica BX20S new young generation
03-01-2009 Praktica Pentor 2 LTL, Praktica VLC2 half format, Praktica B200 silver
01-03-2009 Praktica BX20 + flash, Praktina FX-A version B motor drive, Praktica BXED-system without selftimer, Praktica BXED-system with self timer, Praktica VLC, FX56
01-03-2009 Praktica TLPraktica former Praktica FX, Jenaflex AM XRevue BXPraktica BC1 quarz-electronic, Praktica BC3 without Pentacon badge
01-02-2009 Praktica 2nd variation individual modified, Praktica FX3., Hanimex Praktica mat, Praktica nova B mr
01-01-2009 Praktica PL electronic cut model, Foticon black, Pentacon E, COLUMBIA 35
02-26-2008 Corbina, Praktica IV microscope camera, PLC3 noname, Praktica DTL5, Praktina FX-A version B stereo
02-25-2008 Praktica FX2 cut model, Contax D VEB cut model, Praktica IV second var. cut model
12-26-2007 Praktiflex FX with coaxial flash socket, Praktica nova "no name", Praktica nova B black pentaprism, Hanimex Praktica LB, Praktica TL 5B, Praktica VLC Motor (SR 899)
07-08-2007 Praktica MTL 3 cut model
06-30-2007 Praktica BCA M Copal 1
02-25-2007 Praktica MXPraktica DTL 2
12-26-2006 Hanimex Praktica LTL with Pentacon tower, modified, Praktica MTL NOVA B
12-24-2006 Praktica B200 silver, Praktica B200 S, Praktica BCX black, Praktica nova B, Praktica mat smooth leatherette
12-23-2006 Praktisix 2nd version
11-09-2006 Pentacon Super Prototype, Hanimex Pro TL
11-03-2006 Praktica B100M 1st var, Praktica BX20s (VEB-model), Praktica BCA display version
11-01-2006 Porst Reflex FX6, Hanimex Praktica TLHanimex Praktica LTL with Pentacon towerPraktica autoreflex S, Praktica autoreflex SLPraktica L EndoskopiePraktica LTL3 blackPraktica LTL3 without self timerPraktica LB2Praktica B100M
10-31-2006 Praktica FX 2nd var ruby-coloured, Praktica FX 2nd var service versionPraktica F.X2 service versionPraktica IVB thin white framePraktica PL nova I cut model
10-30-2006 Praktica 3rd var greyConticaPraktina FX-A T2 labelPraktina IIA T1
10-29-2006 Praktiflex 15th display versionContax D Ernemann TowerPraktica 1st KKWDPraktica 1st flashPraktica 2nd/3rdPraktica 1st var flashPraktica 1st var service version
10-28-2006 Praktiflex 16th
06-05-2005 Praktica BC1 Pentacon Italia
05-05-2005 Praktica BX21 DX, Praktica BCA (Arabic)
01-09-2005 Praktica Super TL black, Praktica L with small knob
01-08-2005 Praktica Modell III, Praktica FX2
01-02-2005 Super-D
11-28-2004 Pentacon FBM
11-22-2004 Pentor Super TL silver, Praktica IV M
11-20-2004 Praktiflex 13th
08-16-2004 Praktica BCC without stop-down key, Pentor IB
06-21-2004 Praktica FX service version, Praktica nova
06-01-2004 Jenaflex AC-1, Praktica BM
05-10-2004 Contax S "C", Contax E small, Praktica F.X3 blue, Praktina FX A-T1
05-06-2004 Praktica L small knob Pentacon tower, Praktica L self timer
03-07-2004 Praktica L Pentacon tower, Praktica L black, Pentacon FM large tower, Praktica MTL 50, Praktisix II
02-13-2004 Praktica BCA M
01-18-2004 Praktica BX20H
01-17-2004 Consol ZJREVUEflex reflex BL, REVUEFLEX TL25
01-02-2004 Praktica IVB thick white frame
01-01-2004 Praktiflex 6th grey-brown, Praktiflex 6th darkgreen, Praktiflex 6th grey-black, Praktiflex 6th darkgreen (2), Praktiflex 8th military, Praktiflex 9th, Praktiflex 10th black, Praktiflex 11th, Praktiflex 12th, Praktiflex 14th, Praktiflex 15th, Praktica
12-27-2003 Praktiflex 3rd, Praktiflex 3rd, Praktiflex 3rd, Praktiflex 3rd, Praktiflex 4th, Praktiflex 5th, Praktiflex 5th blue, Praktiflex 5th darkbrown, Praktiflex 5th brown, Praktiflex 5th red
12-13-2003 Praktica FX2, Revueflex SL, Praktica LTL
11-02-2003 Praktica NOVA II, Praktica TL3
10-29-2003 Praktica B100 1st variationPraktica FX 3
09-22-2003 Astraflex '35, Praktica IV FB, Praktica VLC 2
08-31-2003 Praktica PLC3
08-17-2003 Pentacon F (analogue to Contax small D, "D-1"
08-07-2003 Contax FB
07-30-2003 Praktica Super TL1000, Praktica Super TL1000 1st varation
07-29-2003 Cavalier SLR-II, Praktica autoreflex S-TL, Praktiflex 2nd 1st flash
07-28-2003 Contax small D small knobsNo Name
06-16-2003 Praktica BC1
06-15-2003 Pentina FX, Praktica MTL5 Pentacon Italia
05-25-2003 SO 2.2B
05-13-2003 Praktica IV BM
05-01-2003 Praktica B100 1st
04-23-2003 Contax E, Hexacon
04-08-2003 Praktica nova 1st mod, Praktica FX, Praktica F.X2 service version
03-21-2003 Pentina M, Praktica V FB, Praktica MTL 5B, Contax D VEB
03-07-2003 Praktica BCauto, Praktica FX2.
02-10-2003 Praktica BCC
02-06-2003 Consol
02-03-2003 Contax F, Revue ML
01-17-2003 FX55
01-07-2003 Praktica FX service version, Pentina FM
01-04-2003 SR899 (GSK), Praktiflex (red)
11-29-2002 Praktica IVF, Praktica nova mr, Praktica ENDOSKOPIE 2, REVUEFLEX TL I, REVUEFLEX TL 25
11-18-2002 Praktica BXEDH, Pentacon F, Praktica IVB
11-14-2002 Praktica BX20 PI, Praktica BMS PI, Praktica BX20s black/green, Praktica autoreflex S, Praktiflex 5th, FX
09-16-2002 Praktica IV, Praktica VF
09-12-2002 Rival 35MX Reflex, Hanimex Praktica PL nova IB
07-30-2002 Praktica FX 2nd var, Praktica PL electronic and Pentor Super TL added
07-14-2002 Praktica L2-half frame, BCX, BX 20 added
08-27-2001 new design of the homepage, extensive
04-18-2000 new design of the homepage
07-20-1998 founding of Mike´s Praktica-Homepage


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