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Contax/Pentacon models
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Contax S models
Contax/Pentacon models

Contax / Pentacon Single-lens reflex cameras

Production period: September 1949 to march 1962

Number of Models: 22 

Number of produced items: 187,000

responsible constructor: Wilhelm Winzenburg, Walter Henning

The monocular 35mm SLR was planned by the Zeiss Ikon AG Dresden during the pre-war period. During the war from 1939 to 1945 the work on this camera named "Spiegel-Contax" or project name "Syntax" was stopped because of the development of military optical equipment. All prototypes of the Syntax were lost during the air raid to Dresden in February 1945 and during the first months of USSR occupation.

Wilhelm Winzenburg (1895-1972) finished the construction the "Spiegel-Contax" .

The Production of the "Spiegel-Contax" can be divided into two generations or model lines with different technical properties:

bulletContax S models:
  26,287 items
bulletContax/Pentacon models:  
160,703 items

The Contax S was the first SLR with built-in Pentaprism. The Contax/Pentacon models were developed during a period which was dominated by the lawsuit between VEB Zeiss Ikon Dresden and Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart. As a result the name "Pentacon" was created from Pentaprism Contax. For export variants of these cameras different names were used, for example "Consol", "Hexacon", "Corbina", "Ritacon" and "Astraflex". These names were used only for small series because of the acceptance of the name "Pentacon". On these basis Hummel renounce of a description of these variants.




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