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Praktica IV/V-models
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Praktica IV
Praktica IV, 2nd variation
Praktica IV, 2nd variation, cut model
Praktica IV, 2nd variation
Praktica IV, 2nd variation
Praktica IV, 2nd variation, microscope
Praktica IV B
Praktica IV B - brown film reminder
Praktica IV B - silver-white frame
Praktica IV B - thick white frame
Praktica IV M
Praktica IV BM
Praktica IVF
Praktica IV FB
Praktica V F
Praktica V FB

Praktica IV and V models

Production period: June 1959 to January 1966

Number of Models: 10 

Number of produced items: 184,818

responsible constructor: Horst Strehle

The Praktica IV/V-series shows fundamental changes in comparison to the former Praktica cameras. The fixed eye-level view finder using the pentaprism were established as standard for consumer SLR's. In these context many parts of the camera were new calculated and constructed.

The Spring Fair in Leipzig in 1959 was the birth of the Praktica IV on the market. The pentaprism-cap were varnished using black colour. With the first modification of this model-line the colour of the cap changed to a polished metallic surface, the typical feature of the first and all following variations of the Praktica IV. During the march of 1960 the basic model were repeated modified - this modification was a rewind knob who was able to foldout - this feature permits an easier rewinding of the film. At this date the "Praktica IV B" were completed, a Praktica IV with implemented but uncoupled exposure meter. This meter was integrated into the front of the pentaprism.

Parallel to the models of Praktica IV and IV B the models IV M and IVBM were offered. These models had a changed field lens. In the place of the of the ground-glass focussing screen a split image range finder were integrated. This variation was necessary because of the low acceptance of the price difference of 50,-M. With the start of the Praktica IV F and IV FB the cameras were configured using  a combination of a split image range finder and a Fresnel lens.

At the turn of the year 1964/65 the last models of this model-line were presented. The Praktica V F and V FB had an instant return mirror as well as a shutter tensioning indicator in the view finder. An additional feature was the geometrically stepped exposure time sequence.

The at the bottom of the camera they had an integrated rapid winder.

With a volume of approximately 185,000 cameras were a important dimension achieved, but already in 1963/64 the construction of a new camera-line for serial production were started. 


Hummel-No camera-name
139 Praktica IV
140 Praktica IV - 1st variation
141 Praktica IV - 2nd variation
142 Praktica IV B
143 Praktica IV M
144 Praktica IV BM
145 Praktica IV F
146 Praktica IV FB
147 Praktica V F
148 Praktica V FB




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