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Praktica BX-Series
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Praktica BX 20
Praktica BX 20 Pentacon Italia
Praktica BX 20 + flash
Praktica BX 10 DX
Praktica BX 21 DX
Praktica BX 20S (GDR)

Praktica BX-System

Production period: December 1987 to December 1990

Number of Models: 4 

Number of produced items: 201,797 

responsible constructor: Herbert Welzel, Rolf Seifert

With the cameras of the BX-series a new camera-generation was born which leads to a simplification of the production-process and some new functional features:

bulletchanges of the control of the metal-blade focal plane shutter, alternation from the shear-winder-drive to the parallel-winder-drive of the focal plane shutter
bulletnew design of the camera body using new knowledge of ergonomically design
bulletapproach of the TTL-flash technique for system-conform flash systems (SCA 321-compatible flash systems)
bulletpreparation of a BX-winder
bulletimplementation of DX-encoding for film speed setting

The name BX was used to differentiate from the B-series cameras which don't use DX-encoding. Between 1987 and December 12, 1990 altogether 201,797 BX-Praktica's were produced.

The design was developed by Manfred Claus and Reinhard Voigt in 1986/87.

The BX 20 the first camera of the BX-line were produced since December 1987. On the domestic market films with DX-encoding were no available. But the TTL-flash system and the available winder induce a very good establishment of the new camera on the market.

optical path for aperture setting (1), for reflex picture (2), for TTL-light metering (3) and for TTL-flash metering

The BX 10 DX was a potential cheap model which only allows automatic work comparable to the B100/BCA/BCS-cameras from the B-series. This conception was abolished. The sample series is a desired collection object.

The BX 21 has a comparable fate.

The BX 20s was the last model of this camera line. With a new ergonomic design, developed by Manfred Claus in 1989, and the automatic-comfort this camera was the battleship of the latest Praktica-SLR development, but a serial production under the conduction of the traditional Pentacon Dresden was not achieved.

focussing screen of the BX-series with LED's for shutter speeds (1), warning of under- or overexposisiton (2), reflex picture of aperture setting (3), flash ready signal (4), signal for manual correction of shutter speed (5), signal for exposition with stored shutter speed (6) and range finder system with  triple rangefinder wedge, truncated microprism screen, groundglass field (7)


Hummel-No camera-name
235 Praktica BX 20
236 Praktica BX 10 DX
237 Praktica BX 21 DX
238 Praktica BX 20s




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