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Praktica PL nova I-models
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Praktica PL nova I
Cavalier SLR-II
Hanimex Praktica nova I
Praktica PL nova I cut model
Praktica PL nova IB
Pentor IB
Hanimex Praktica PL nova IB
Porst FX 4
Praktica PL electronic
Praktica PL electronic - cut model
Praktica super TL
Praktica super TL black
Pentor super TL
Pentor super TL
Cavalier STL-I
Hanimex Praktica super TL
Hanimex Praktica TL
Hanimex Pro TL
Porst Reflex FX 6
Porst Reflex FX 6 black
Revueflex SL

Praktica PL nova I-models

Production period: April 1967 to January 1976

Number of Models: 12, including 1 prototype 

Number of produced items: 837,050

responsible constructor: Herbert Welzel

The success of the Praktica nova-models was the cause of the further development of this series with improved features.

The conspicuous changes were the new developed stationary shutter speed knob and the new advanced Pentacon quick-load (PL)-system.

At the Leipzig Spring Fair 1967 it was the first night of the new camera Praktica PL nova I. Contemporary, the camera with integrated not through the lens exposure meter, the Praktica PL nova IB, which  uses selenium light-sensitive cell instead of the cadmium sulphide (CdS) was introduced.

The demand to this cameras was extensive. On this basis some changes and special models were produced. Additionally to the following variations some other types, for example for the market in the Netherlands were produced.

During March 1968 a new interesting camera were, the Praktica PL electronic were presented. The Praktica PL electronic was the first SLR with an electronically adjustable shutter speed. Using a electronic circuit with different resistors were used for the adjustment of the shutter speed. The shutter speed was realised using a rubberised focal-plane shutter using switching magnets. The time-line was geometrically with a range between 30s and 1/500s in 14 steps. Without battery a mechanically realised shutter speed of 1/60s realises the further work. The expensive wattache and the expensive tuning of the assembly force the end of production in 1969.

The Praktica super TL were introduced at the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1968 as a further model using TTL-stopped-down metering which replace the Praktica mat on the market. The camera was a perfect construction. More than 500,000 cameras of this type were produced. From these camera-type multiple cameras were produced for many other companies.


Hummel-No camera-name
157 Praktica PL nova I
158 Hanimex Praktica nova I
159 Praktica PL nova I B
160 Hanimex Praktica nova I B
161 Pentor I B
162 Porst FX 4
163 Praktica PL electronic
164 Praktica PL electronic B
165 Praktica super TL
166 Hanimex Praktica super TL
167 Porst reflex FX 6
168 Revueflex SL





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