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Pentina M
Pentina FM
Pentina E

Pentina Single-lens reflex cameras

Production period: March 1961 to January 1965

Number of Models: 7 

Number of produced items: 44,187

responsible constructor: Hans Daeche

The Pentina was a single-lens reflex camera with a leaf shutter, a exeptional concept for the camera industry of Dresden.The camera based on a novel frame-construction with covers. The camera was a world premiere because she was developed by a design-diploma thesis from the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee by Jürgen Peters and his tutor Rudi Högner in 1958.

These development caused on the production of electronic flash systems. These systems allow a short shutter speed, but the focal plane shutters needs a 1/50s as shortest shutter speed.

The Prestor shutter was an body-integrated shutter localized behind the lens. This induce a program of interchangeable lenses with 30, 50, 85 and 135mm focal length.

The first Praktina generation (Hummel) consists on three types, but I had never seen one of these cameras:

bulletPentina I (cheap price model without metering system)
bulletPentina II (model with metering system)
bulletPentina II M (with metering system and range finder system in field lens)

The second Praktina generation (Hummel) consists of four types:

bulletPentina (basic model with metering system (former Pentina II))
bulletPentina M (basic model with additional split image range finder (former Pentina II M)
bulletPentina FM (basic model with additional fresnel lens)
bulletPentina E (easy model without metering system (analogue to the Pentina I))

The camera shows a new avantgardistic design.

The cameras were produced with different finishing's, that is silver or gold eloxation of the metal parts and a black (for silver) or brown leatherette (for gold).


Hummel-No camera-name
111 Pentina I
112 Pentina II
113 Pentina II M
114 Pentina
115 Pentina M
116 Pentina FM
117 Pentina E




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