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Praktica models
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Praktica, 1st version
Praktica, 1st serial produced version, KKWD
Praktica, 1st version, flash
Praktica, 1st variation + flash
Praktica, 1st variation, service version
Praktica, 2nd changed version
Praktica, 2nd changed ver.-indiv.mod.
Praktica, between 2nd and 3rd variation
Praktica, 3rd variation
Praktica, 3rd variation, grey leatherette
astra - 35 -FX-

Praktica, early models

Production period: Oktober 1949 to august 1952

Number of Models: 5, including 1 prototyp

Number of produced items: 62,273 

responsible constructor: Siegfried Böhm

Alois Hoheisel had constructed the Praktiflex II but this camera was never produced.

The soviet military administration in Germany require a camera with a shutter speed between 1/2s and 1/500s in typical steps and an additional modern lens mount.
The new constructed camera was unofficial presented as prototyp in autumn 1948 (Hummel No. 081). The lens mount was the M42x1 screw mount. The start of the serial production was planned for January 1949.

In dependence of the problems during the construction of the moulds for the serial production of the camera

The first variation of Praktica was focused on small details which were reflected by a minimal change of the camera finish. The camera had at this time none flash synchronisation. The second variant has a flash synchronisation with two flash contacts (X and F-contact) at the bottom of the camera. An additional adapter, which were fixed at the tripod socket, was used to generate the three typical flash contacts.

The third variation shows the three flash contacts at the front of the camera body.

Hummel-No camera-name
081 Praktiflex (Prototyp)
082 Praktica
083 Praktica - 1st variation
084 Praktica - 2nd variation
085 Praktica - 3rd variation




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