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Praktica BY
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Praktica BY60

Praktica BY design samples

Production period: 1989

Number of Models: 3 ? 

Number of produced items: none

responsible constructor: Dr. Jehmlich, Dipl.-Ing. Schultzki


Hummel-No camera-name produced items
300* Praktica BY20 1?
301* Praktica BYm 1?

* self assigned, number not assigned by Hummel

During the late 1980s an ambitious programme was planned to develop a tubus camera with autofocus function, DX-coding and multiprogram mode.

Initially two different models were planned:

Praktica BY60 AF1 and BY60 AF2 (Record 778, spoiled originals, Stadtarchiv Dresden).

Praktica BY60 AF1:

bullet2 exposure programs
bullet2 autofocus programs
bullet4 trigger programs (single picture exposure, serial exposure, 3 picture series exposur (1 normal exposure, 1 picture +1EV, 1 picture -1EV), self timer exposure)

Praktica BY60 AF2:

bullet4 exposure programs
bullet4 autofocus programs
bullet4 trigger programs (single picture exposure, serial exposure, 3 picture series exposur (1 normal exposure, 1 picture +1EV, 1 picture -1EV), self timer exposure)

Technical properties (Pentcon technical program number 117):

bulletLCD-Monitor at the top of the camera with indication of program mode, exposure time, aperture, battery load, number of picture, ...
bulletnew DX-decoder (separate developing program from June 1990, constructor: Fiedler)
bulletLED signaling for speed, flash ready signal and programs
bulletautomatic flash exposure system
bulletlenses: 1.8/50, 2.8/20, 4/300 as well as two different Vario-lenses 25-70mm and 70-210mm
bulletremote control
bulletmini-flash system as well as computrized flash
bulletadapation of conventional PB-mount lenses

Comparison of the planned camera with international top cameras:

Parameter BY60 international
no. of different exposure programs 4 4
autofocus programs 4 4
shutter release programs 5 5
flash programs 4 4
exposures/s (max.) 2 4
shortest shutter spped 1/2000 1/4000

According to the results of the market analysis the project Praktica BY60 AF1 was cancelled.

The functional specification document (FSD) was created at 30.11.1989. The costs of development were estimated with 15,700,000 East German Marks.

The start of development was November of 1989. The end of development was palnned at August of 1991. The start of serial production was planned for 1994 (K10/0 at 11/1993).

Level of development stage A1 (January 1991) - finished: 

bulletTrade mark right conception
bulletrealization conception

Level of development stage A2 (June 1990) - design models finished:

bulletthree design models (possibly marked as BYm, construction drawings of BYm from March 1991 - Record 591, Stadtarchiv Dresden)
bulletthree laboratory models

Level of development stage A3 (May 1991) - not started

bulletfirst laboratory models of autofocus lenses from Carl Zeiss Jena

The development was stopped at 13.Juni 1990 (?) with a financial loss of 23,000,000 East German Mark (Jehmlich 2009).





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