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Praktica FX-models
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Praktica FX
Praktica [former FX]
FX56 (Praktica FX)
Praktica MX
Praktica (relabeled FX)
Praktiflex FX
Praktiflex FX coaxial flash socket
FX (Praktica FX)
FX55 (Praktica FX)
Praktica FX, 2nd variation
Praktica FX, 2nd variation
Praktica FX, 2nd variation, ruby-coloured
Praktica FX, 2nd variation, service version
Praktica FX, 3rd variation
astra-35 -FX-
M-X (relabeld Praktica FX)
Praktica FX, service version
Praktica FX, service version 1

Praktica FX models

Production period: September 1952 to July 1955

Number of Models: 7, including 1 service version

Number of produced items: 95,206 

responsible constructor: Siegfried Böhm

The FX cameras were developed on the basis of the common use of two different flash techniques which requires a different synchronisation, the F- or X-synchronisation. The new developed electronic flash systems. Electronic flash, being of 1/500 sec duration or less and with virtually no build-up time. Flashbulbs take time to build up to full brilliance and the useable light lasts much longer than the electronic flash - 1/100 sec or more.

The F-synchronisation works with flashbulbs whereas the X-synchronisation works properly with electronic flash systems.

The basic model of the FX-series was identical with the last model of the former Praktica series. With the additional "FX"-term in the name point to this flash technique.

For the export the Praktica FX were named Praktiflex FX.

Following the expansion of the market of electronic flash systems the first variation of the Praktica FX lost the F-contact additionally the film take up spool comes in plastic. In dependence of the standardization of the flash contacts the 2nd variation of the Praktica FX were produced with the coaxial flash sockets. The third variation of the FX is characterized by the return of the F-contact in the coaxial manner.

The export version for the US-market were finished as "Kawenda" based on a temporary prohibition of the name Praktica.

All FX-models were produced with a fixed waist-level view finder, but a additionally eye-level view finder - the pentaprism - can be used.

Based on the demand of a camera with interchangeable view finder system, in 1956 a service version was generated by VEB Kamerawerk Niedersedlitz. Also, a self timer could be added to the camera.

Additionally, some service versions were generated by some famous workshops.


Hummel-No camera-name
125 Praktica FX
126 Praktiflex FX
127 Praktica FX - 1st variation
128 Praktica FX - 2nd variation
129 Praktica FX - 3rd variation
130 Kawenda
131 Praktica FX - service version




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