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Praktica B-System
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Praktica B, automatic + manual
Praktica B, automatic
Praktica B, manual

Praktica B-System

Production period: December 1979 to December 1990

Number of Models: 17

Number of produced items: 1,164,707 

responsible constructor: Werner Hahn, Rolf Noack, Dietmar Tannert

It was an important step, the transition from the screw mount cameras to the B-systems, a step into the modern technical era. The leading designer of this camera was Rolf Schreiber (B200 camera) and Reinhard Voigt (accessories).

The "B" in the name of this camera system reflects the change from the screw mount cameras to the compact "Bayonet"-mount camera.

With the help of microelectronic techniques, which allows a very compact design of the cameras, a switch to a shape change of the Praktica was realised. All cameras could be configured with a fully automatic speed control and electronically controlled fixed speed range.

The configuration of the cameras was staggered which leads to a different prize.

The following lines of B-systems were produced:

bulletPraktica B - automatic+manual shutter speed control
bulletPraktica B - only automatic shutter speed control
bulletPraktica B - only manual shutter speed control

The line with automatic and manual shutter speed control was a high level camera-class, also for professional use. The Praktica B 200 was the basic model of this model-line.

The other line has only an automatic shutter speed control without the opportunity of manual speed setting, the typical camera-class for amateurs.

The third line comes without  automatic speed control - the camera for conservative individualists which never deliver her experience to a machine. The basic model of this line was the Praktica BMS.



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